The Medical Beauty Concept


The treatment method of the future

Revolutionary skin quality improvement, The Medical Beauty Concept for sensational skin improvement in cases of
deep wrinkles, acne and inflammation, sun-damaged skin, scars and weals.


bdr is particularly recommended
for the following skin conditions

  • Dehydrated, dry skin and skin In need of regeneration
  • Sun damaged, calloused skin
  • Sensitive and immune compromised skin
  • Impure, oily or acne skin (also mature acne)
  • Scars and wrinkles
  • Tissue weakness
  • Age-controlling care


Recommended by doctors

Smooth, even skin is an expression of vitality, beauty, health and youth. bdr has, to a certain extent, developed a highly effective alternative to invasive surgery showing results omparable to medical skin treatment. bdr additionally has a supportive effect before and after aesthetic plastic surgery. Rely on the specially designed compatibility of bdr dermaceuticals.


Immediately visible results

A duration of at least six bdr treatment cures (ideally administered in weekly intervals) is recommended to improve your skin complexion with optimal success. Increasingly your skin appears more and more even, beautiful and younger. Your daily bdr home care ritual in combination with additional professional bdr treatment every 4-8 weeks, ensures long-term success


The bright future of your skin

Your bdr dermaceutical regeneration consultant will help you choose one of the many bdr treatments tailored to your individual skin condition. Experience the difference to conventional methods with your very first application. Enjoy a fabulous treatment and just feel it: Skin smooth, thick, creamy and radiant.


The one system for all skin types

This single, highly technological equipment system enables endless forms of treatment and is individually adaptable to all skin types and ages. The unique synergy of biotechnology and natural essences engineers a skin care line that is unparalleled in its effectiveness and its results.

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Bdr Skin Repair

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